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Reflective panels

Traffic Calming Accident Reducing Life Saving

Lordon’s BriteSide Reflective Panels were engineered for the sole purpose of Reducing
Accidents and for Saving Lives. Particularly in high incidence areas, the need for highly visible signs is a necessity. With BriteSide® Reflective Panels, visibility is increased dramatically, day or night, rain or shine, making the roads safer for motorists and pedestrians. The Vertical reflective panels lead your eyes to focus in on the sign, thus enhancing the visibility of the sign.

Model BSS

Model BSX

Model BSD

Model BSD

Model BSF


These highly reflective panels consist of premium grade reflective sheeting ( 3M or Avery) Reflective Sheeting which is then adhered to a highly durable Extruded PVC _________ that fits all styles of posts: round, square, U-Channel and wood posts. They ship complete with mounting hardware which includes theft resistant fasteners and can be mounted in just seconds!

Lordon’s reflective panels satisfy the MUTCD requirements. They have no sharp edges, are non-corrosive and come in the standard length of 6 feet. (custom lengths are available, contact our customer service department.)


  • Reflective day and night
  • Fits all styles of posts
  • Higher sun visibility day and night
  • MUTCD approved
  • Multiple sizes, profiles and legends
  • Vertical reflectivity leads eye to sign
  • Theft-resistant fasteners
  • Mounts in seconds
  • Safe, no sharp edges
  • Non-corrosive

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