Metal Storm Drain Curb Markers

Lordon’s Storm Drain Markers have been engineered to perfection and can be installed onto roadways, curbs, storm drain grates or storm drain heads.

Storm Drains are commonly misused by the public for the disposal of waste such as paint, motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides and other pollutants. This improper disposal can seriously damage water quality and the environment.

Help make the earth a “Greener” place – mark all the storm drains in your community and spread the message of water conservation.




  • Stainless Steel, Aluminum, & Brass
  • Optional UV Clear Multicolor Graphics Dome or Laser Engraved Aluminum Center Disc
  • Wide Choice of Symbols & Legends
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Install On Any Surface
  • Theft Resistant
  • Up To 30-Year Expected Life Span
  • Easy to Install
  • Custom Designs Available
  • High Visibility
  • All Metal, Deep 3-D Embossed
  • Sand-Blasted Matte Finish
  • U.V. Baked Enamel Paint
  • 1-2 Color Option or Natural
  • Optional Deep Stamped Sequential
  • Numbering or Name of Town/City

We’re so confident in the permanence of our markers, we guarantee them for up to thirty years! Our attractive, four-inch disc, 3-D embossed, metal Storm Drain Markers are so strong they are virtually indestructible. You won’t have to be concerned with them cracking, peeling, falling off, or being vandalized like plastic markers - Lordon’s markers are made with durability and longevity in mind.



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