Donna Quagliana
President / Owner

Donna Quagliana is the President and Co-Owner of Lordon Inc. She oversees the day-to-day production operations, inventory control, and purchasing in this role. Donna also manages Lordon Inc.’s professional relationships. She frequently communicates with vendors and negotiates contracts with both vendors and suppliers to support the business’s goals.

As President, she is responsible for developing the organization’s long and short-term goals, and for making major decisions that ensure the company’s success. Donna works closely with the Vice President to develop strategies and implement processes that enforce Lordon Inc.’s mission and promote its growth.

Donna’s early professional years were spent in the Computer and Information Systems field. In 1987, she joined her father in the family-business, beginning as a Manager of the Manufacturing Department. This role allowed her to learn about production and inventory control firsthand. She currently works part-time in the family’s self-storage business.

In 1990, Donna started Lordon Inc. with her sister, Lori, and they soon launched their first product called BriteSide® Reflective Panels. Lordon Inc. just celebrated its 32nd anniversary in May 2022 and it continues to be a successful women-owned business that has made a difference in the world of traffic safety.

Donna holds a B.S. in Computer and Information Systems from Kings College. She enjoys spending time with her husband, three wonderful children and two very active granddaughters. In her spare time, Donna enjoys traveling, scrapbooking, and living the “lake life.”

Lori Mcmahon
Vice President / Owner

Lori McMahon is the Vice President and Co-Owner of Lordon Inc. She works closely with the President to make executive decisions as well as set up strategic goals for the company. Lori oversees the sales and financials including budgeting, projections, and tracking and analyzing various business metrics.

She directs and coordinates all marketing activities while staying up to date on industry trends and the competition’s performance. Lori oversees sales promotions and campaigns, creates marketing collateral, and manages the website design.

Lori began her professional career in 1986. Since that time, she has held numerous Marketing and Management/Consulting positions and helped run the family-owned business. She started Lordon, Inc. in 1990 with her sister, Donna, when they were both motivated by a clear need to improve road safety. The pair have been successfully running the company together ever since. They launched their newest product, Porcelain Signs, in 2017 and continue to venture into new markets today.

Lori holds a B.S. in Business and Marketing from Seton Hall University. She enjoys spending time with her husband, two beautiful daughter’s and extended family. She loves biking, scrapbooking, and traveling.

Lori Mcmahon

Mission Statement

Lordon’s mission is to increase traffic safety and reduce pedestrian and motorist accidents across the U.S. and abroad. Our BriteSide® Reflective Panels are made from the highest quality products and we believe they can actually Save Lives.
“The Difference is Easy to See.”

We are committed to forming ongoing professional relationships with our distributors and customers by providing them with exceptional customer service, premium products, and the fastest delivery possible.

Lordon understands the importance of commitment to our most valuable assets, our employees. We are guided by the principals of good faith and fair dealings.
Our company strives to foster a culture of trust, teamwork, and responsibility.
We continue to ensure our mission by being innovative, providing a variety of
other safety products, and venturing into diverse markets.

Women Owned Certifications