“…While there is not a numbers survey to send, we are happy to inform you that in our professional opinion the BriteSide signs are very effective tool in promoting Traffic Safety. We have received several compliments from the citizens of the City of Lynchburg concerning these signs. We are attempting to obtain financial means to purchase more signs from your business. The Lynchburg Police Department would like to say “thank you” for your assistance in promoting Traffic Safety …”


“The Town of Cumberland recently implemented a Traffic Calming Program to service the needs of our community of 32,000 residents. We began to research alternative methods to alert drivers of the need to reduce their speed and obey the traffic laws .Your BriteSide® Vertical Message Centers have been a welcome and popular addition to our Traffic Calming Program. I have received numerous comments from town officials and residents that the signs do exactly what they are designed to do – reduce vehicle speed s and seek voluntary compliance with the motor vehicle laws.”


“…The signs were placed on poles at or near key intersections in the City. Within days I began to receive feedback from the community. The residents were very positive and supportive of the signs. I was also contacted by Deputy Chief Kinkler of the West Deptford Police Department after he had driven through town and saw the signs. Deputy Chief Kinkler took all the information from me and a few weeks later advised me that he had obtained some of the signs and posted them along roadways in West Depford Township.”


“Through our use of BriteSide® panels, we have found that they are valuable tool in encouraging traffic safety in our township. We positioned them near our schools and in areas were we have received complaints about speeding, and have since received numerous compliments from the citizens of our area. We especially value the luminescence of these signs because of the increased visibility at night. The Ohio Township Police Department thanks you for your help in encouraging traffic safety in our area…”


“We placed the “Slow Down” sign on a street that is heavily traveled by students leaving a local high school. The type of traffic on this street has historically generated many complaints from residents living on that street. After installing the sign we received an almost immediate response from residents praising our efforts to assist them with this device. Most of the comments revolved around the high visibility of the sign in both day and night conditions. We have noticed fewer complaints from residents and fewer violations by students traveling on this street.”

City of Morrison

“The Town of Morristown has installed several different versions of the BriteSide® product in several key locations around our town. In each application we have seen a positive response to the product. These applications have ranged from speed problems, to multi-way stops, to pedestrian crossings. We are very satisfied with the product and would recommend them for use in this variety of traffic safety problems.”

Bethlehem Twp. Environmental Commission

This is a testimonial that the service and products Lordon, Inc. provides are first rate. We evaluated several types of permanent markers as well as painting with stencils and the Commission voted to use Lordon’s markers for their attractive design, construction, material, ease of appliation and permanence. It has been a pleasure dealing with the staff at Lordon and their products and the Environmental Commission would whole heartedly endorse others use of Lordon’s products and services.

No Dump - Drains to Creek
Universal City, Texas

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the individuals at Lordon for their prompt service for our request for the storm drain markers. The product is extremely well made and will be beneficial to the Universal City’s Stormwater Program.”

Drains to River
Silver Lake Nature Center

“At Silver Lake Nature Center, a lot of our education revolves around water – something that is important to everyone. This year, we discovered your Storm Drain Markers. They make a wonderful project that the students can revisit and serve as a reminder that waterways always need our help. Ordering and installation was easy. We will definitely be using the markers again, especially since I found out that you can customize them with our logo. Thanks for a great product.”

City of Phoenix Logo
Brandon Forrey, Chief Engineering Technician, City of Phoenix, AZ

“We believe Phoenix is the first major city to use both of the FYG School warning signs and the FYG “SCHOOL” post inserts across the entire city, and we could not be more pleased with our decision and the BriteSide® products. We have received many positive comments from motorists, schools, police and other cities regarding the improved visibility of school signs throughout the City of Phoenix. We have even received a call from a motorist that noticed a sign a first time in his neighborhood of 30 years. He had never noticed that school sign before! This product has been an important part of our overall effort to improve traffic safety and awareness near our schools.”

City of West Hollywood Logo
Howard Jacobs, Deputy to Councilmember Jeffrey Prang, West Hollywood CA

…We have more people walking on Santa Monica Blvd and pedestrian safety while crossing this street has become a very important issue. To assist with this effort, illuminating, reflective panels made by BriteSide® have been installed at the new pedestrian crosswalks. Although, the signs are newly placed, these reflective BriteSide® panels have assisted our efforts to make Santa Monica Boulevard as safe as possible for pedestrians and drivers. Motorist and walkers have sent letters of supporting the use of the panels and feel much safer because of the enhanced visibility at the pedestrian crossing.…Not only are the panels used in our crosswalks, but the City of West Hollywood has also, used them to illuminate stop signs. Some residents have noted they did not know a stop sign was located in an area until these reflective panels were used. They truly make a big difference in visibility and have anecdotally improved traffic in our City.”

Town of Lantana Logo
Captain Andy Rundle, Lantana Police Dept., FL

“The Lantana Police Department has utilized the BriteSide® signs in a local school zone. The signs have met with favorable responses from the school administration and are most appreciated by the school crossing guards. We plan on purchasing more to help clearly identify hazardous intersections and crossings.”

Police Department Logo
Lt. William E. Chapman, Clinic Police Department

“…They are currently deployed in a residential neighborhood where I have received a number of complaints about speeding and hazardous driving.…I posted the seatbelt warning sign at the end of the street just before intersects with a two-lane state road. It serves as a good reminder for people to buckle up.”

City of Taunton, MA Logo
Sgt. Kevin Medas, Police Dept, City of Taunton, MA

“…One of my officers came with me and installed these sign post signs and found they are simple and quick to put out. They took no longer than 5 minutes! The nice part of it they are just as easily removed and relocated to another area. We have received a state grant for advertising or signage in a traffic program we participated in. It was easy to decide where to best spend the grant money. BriteSide®! We purchased a 100 “Buckle-Up” signs and posted them on high school campuses and on streets adjoining school property.”

Andover Massachusetts Police
Robert J. Cronin, Safety Officer Andover Police Dept.

“The Town of Andover has begun installing products in areas with a history of crashes. We have a four way “Stop” intersection that we tested your product at with outstanding results. Not only have crashes been reduced but neighbors and other neighborhoods have given positive feedback to us. The program is being expanded to around schools and we are putting it in our Traffic Calming “toolbox” to improve visibility on our New England style roadways.”