Aerial Transmission Plates & Holders

Lordon’s Aerial Transmission Tower Plates and holders provide utility companies with a solution for better transmission line tracking, inspections, and maintenance at a low cost.

Our plates are highly visible from the air and on the ground and are available in 6 different finishes and 7 different sizes. Lordon’s Transmission Plates & Holders are built to withstand even the harshest environments. Highly visible and are available in aluminum, polyethylene, and HDPE in 2”, 3”, 4” or 6” sizes. Also available in 8” & 10” upon request. Vertical or Horizontal Mounting Plates are available with holes or optional slots for banding. Custom sizes available.


Transmission Plate Holders



Manufactured from .025″ to .040″ thick aluminum. Printed tags have a durable, clear baked enamel top coating with U.V. inhibitors which seal in image and add years of service to these quality tags.


Chemical and moisture resistant polyethylene treated
to provide weatherability. Deep stamped or 3-D Engraved.


Made of the finest 3M® Scotchlite or Avery materials and laminated to aluminum substrates. These tags are printed with U.V. enamels for maximum life and highly reflective qualities in all weather conditions.